Thank you

Here at What A Girl Wants, we love to inspire, as well as be inspired. When we hear feedback from our customers about our clothing, our social media, and/or our business in general, we feel inspired to DO MORE and DO BETTER! We absolutely adore our customers. WAGW being founded on faith has showed us how good God really is (even though we knew that already). Our cup definitely runneth over with joy, happiness, love, and passion. Our favorite quote is "Don't be defined by trends, be inspired by them." We plan to always buy trendy, fashionable clothes, and always inspire you to add your special touch to them. We just want to thank all of you for the daily inspiration to grow our business more and more, and thank you for the inspiration to open this new chapter, THE WEBSITE!! We wouldn't be able to do it without God and the help from you. We are super excited for the website to kick off, and we hope to do well with it.